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Potting soil recipe for azaleas

The blossoms from the azalea (Rhododendron ssp.) brighten your doorstep or patio garden. Azaleas thrive in acid-rich soils in U.S. Division of Agriculture plant hardiness zones four via 9, based on the range. Although azaleas develop in complete sun, the vibrant light fades the blossoms' colors. Planting azaleas exactly where they obtain morning sun and a few shade inside the afternoon assists preserve the flowers' colors. When planting or repotting azaleas, you should use an acidic mix to make sure that your azalea will continue to thrive. Azaleas choose a pH balance in between four.five and five.five.
Homemade Potting Mixes for Azaleas

University of California Mix

The University of California has created a planting mix appropriate for many potted plants. Mixing equal components pumice or perlite, redwood compost, sand and sphagnum moss with 1 tablespoon each and every of oyster shell and super phosphate produces an acidic potting soil mix. By omitting the dolomite limestone listed within the original recipe, the mix becomes acidic adequate for acid-loving plants for example azaleas, rhododendrons and blueberries.

Cornell University Mix

The fundamental Cornell University potting mix makes use of equal components peat moss and vermiculite. The addition of an 11-5-11 fertilizer and skipping the suggested amounts of dolomite limestone also produces an acidic mix potting soil mix appropriate for azaleas. Test the mix's pH having a straightforward soil test kit from a gardening center. Adjust the pH levels by adding limestone or iron sulfate to produce it much less or much more acidic.

Organic Mix

Organic potting mixes normally stay away from the usage of non-renewable sources including peat or sphagnum moss. Use two components well-rotted compost produced up of chopped leaves, decomposed sawdust or perhaps a mixture of those components to 1 portion coarse sand as a potting mix. Water with compost tea weekly to supply extra nutrients towards the azalea's roots.

Soil-Based Mix

The fundamental soil-based potting mix makes use of equal components garden soil, well-rotted compost and coarse sand. Right after testing the mixture's pH balance, add iron sulphate as required to boost its acidity. Even though soil-based mixtures are heavier than the peat or moss mixtures, they may be an economical selection.

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