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How to Plant Azaleas With Peat Moss

Azaleas (Rhododendron spp.), hardy in U.S. Division of Agriculture zones four by way of ten according to the range, are typically characterized as acid-loving plants, which means that their excellent soil pH is someplace about five.five. For soils using a greater pH than is preferred, amendments like peat moss are suggested to reduce soil pH. With no therapy, soil having a pH larger than six.0 will generate poor azaleas that might ultimately die.
How to Plant Azaleas With Peat Moss

  • Dig a sizable hole within the region exactly where you program to transplant the azaleas. This hole ought to be 3 instances bigger and 3 instances deeper than the azalea root ball.
  • Eliminate half in the native soil and replace the missing soil with peat moss. There must be a fifty-fifty ratio of native soil to peat moss.
  • Spot the newly amended soil back in hole.
  • Dig a brand new hole for the azaleas, this time precisely the same approximate depth (or slightly shallower) because the root ball and only slightly wider.
  • Insert the azalea root ball in to the hole and fill in any gaps having a mixture of native soil and peat moss. The leading from the root ball must be even together with the degree of the ground, or slightly greater.
  • Mulch the plant having a 2-inch layer of peat moss.

Gardeners who're uncertain about their soil pH might obtain soil test kits from a nearby nursery or house and garden center.

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