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How to Start an Azalea Plant From a Cutting

Even though you'll find more than 10,000 diverse kinds of azaleas (Rhododendron spp.), you only require to think about 1 distinction prior to taking cuttings out of your plant. Some propagation tactics differ based on no matter whether you take cuttings from a deciduous native azalea, which drops its leaves within the fall, or an evergreen species native to Japan. Azaleas develop in U.S. Division of Agriculture plant hardiness zones four even though 9 based around the assortment.

The evergreen azalea (Rhododendron indicum) grows in USDA zones 7 although eight having a height and width of three feet. 1 deciduous azalea, 'My Mary' (Rhododendron 'My Mary'), grows in USDA zones five by way of eight and reaches as much as six feet tall and five feet wide.
How to Start an Azalea Plant From a Cutting

Propagation Variations

Simpler to root than deciduous varieties, evergreen azalea cuttings root from June by way of September. Deciduous azaleas, however, root ideal once you take cuttings whilst the wood continues to be green and soft, generally about mid Might. Feeding is optional for evergreen azaleas, but deciduous varieties should be fertilized having a liquid fertilizer applied at half or one-quarter strength following they've began rooting, in about 4 to eight weeks. Each azaleas want 1 year prior to you permit them to develop unprotected from freezing temperatures. Nevertheless, it is possible to transfer evergreen varieties into larger pots and maintain deciduous sorts in their exact same pots more than the winter.

Prepare the Soil

Each kinds of azaleas want wealthy, well-draining soil, for example a mix of half peat and half perlite. Moisten the soil completely within a separate, clean container every day or two ahead of filling the pot and keep away from pressing down on it so the soil stays light and airy. The soil must be four to six inches deep in the least.

Prepare the Cutting

Approaches for taking cuttings would be the identical for each deciduous and evergreen azaleas:
  • Pick a 2- to 5-inch stem tip that is element in the season's new development, that is nevertheless somewhat green and that bends as opposed to snaps.
  • Reduce the stem for propagation within the morning when the plant is most hydrated. Be sure that your plant was well-watered the prior day.
  • Make your reduce just beneath a bulging node that would have formed a brand new stem in the event you had left it around the plant.
  • Cautiously get rid of all reduced leaves in the bottom third from the stem, getting cautious to not nick the stem itself, leaving about 3 leaves in the leading from the stem.
  • Scrape 1/2 to 1 inch in the bottom from the stem, dip the stem in water and after that dip it within a rooting hormone.
  • Plant the cutting about one-third of its depth in to the soil.
  • Water the cutting, taking care to not wet the leaves.
Usually sterilize your pruning shears or scissors with rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes amongst pruning or cutting to assist decrease probabilities of spreading ailments or pests from a single plant to an additional.

Develop a Humid Atmosphere

To maintain the cutting from drying out, you may need to make one hundred % humidity. Do that by enclosing the pot within a clear plastic bag or putting a big plastic jug together with the bottom reduce out more than the plant. In the event you use a plastic bag, spot a frame produced from a coat hanger more than the plant to make sure the cutting's leaves do not touch the plastic. Location the mini-greenhouse in vibrant, but not direct, sunlight.

Ongoing Care

Till the cutting roots, inspect the soil each week to make sure that it truly is evenly moist, but not soggy. Verify to determine when the cutting has rooted by quite gently pulling on it; if there's any resistence, you are going to understand that roots have began to type. At that point, decrease the humidity following 4 to six weeks by cutting slits inside the plastic frame or removing the cap in the plastic jug. You could possibly start to fertilize evergreen cuttings at this point, and also you need to fertilize deciduous sorts. Fully uncover each cuttings in one more month.

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