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How to Get Acidic Soil for Azaleas

The azalea, a member from the Rhododendron family members, thrives in an acidic soil which has a pH of four.five to six.0. These appealing shrubs are identified for their beautiful flowers and thick-leafed foliage that produce a focal point in property gardens. Azaleas are offered in each deciduous and evergreen varieties, and they develop in U.S. Division of Agriculture hardiness zones five by means of ten. Amendments added for the soil reduce higher pH values to a level for optimal development and bloom production.
How to Get Acidic Soil for Azaleas

Agricultural Sulfur

  • Spread agriculture sulfur more than the soil to reduced the pH utilizing the application price around the package for the present pH. Till the soil to incorporate the amendment. Moisten the soil with water to dissolve the amendments and speed the approach of altering the pH. Let the soil rest till the following spring.
  • Test the soil pH to confirm it truly is acidic for azaleas. Amend the soil with agriculture sulfur when the pH is above six.0 and moisten the soil with water. Let the soil rest till the following spring.
  • Repeat the soil pH test and addition of agriculture sulfur every year till the pH is in the proper acidic pH level for developing azaleas. Plant the azaleas through the spring soon after the final ground rock sulfur application.

Sphagnum Moss

  • Spread two inches of sphagnum moss about the azalea and more than the root ball region. Till the sphagnum moss to a depth of eight inches.
  • Plant the azaleas right after functioning the sphagnum moss in to the soil. You are able to plant instantly right after adding the amendment to decrease the pH.
  • Test the soil pH every spring to confirm it's under six.0. Function sphagnum moss in to the soil as necessary to sustain the acidic level by utilizing a hand trowel to perform the soil cautiously about the root program.

Pine Mulch

  • Spread a 2- to 3-inch layer of pine needles or pine bark mulch about the azalea plants to decrease the pH worth from the soil naturally.
  • Test the soil pH the following spring to confirm the pine needles or pine bark mulch is preserving an acidic pH of six.0 or decrease.
  • Refresh the layer of mulch every spring in the event the pH remains under six.0. You could possibly want to make use of sphagnum moss or agricultural sulfur, furthermore towards the mulch, in the event the pH level will not drop to an acceptable level for azaleas.

Items You'll need

  • Soil pH test
  • Agriculture sulfur
  • Tiller
  • Garden hose
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Trowel
  • Pine needles or pine bark


Test the soil pH having a property kit to figure out the existing level prior to amending the soil to lessen the pH worth. A neutral pH is 7.0, and acidic pH is six.9 and decrease.

You will get a complete soil evaluation via your county university extension workplace. The test contains the soil pH, soil composition and recommendation for amendments to enhance the nutrient worth in the soil.

Amending soil having a pH above six.0 with agriculture sulfur lowers the pH as much as a worth of 1.0 with every amendment. It might take many years for the soil to drop towards the preferred pH when the existing worth is above 7.0 around the pH scale.

Test the soil every year following planting to confirm the soil remains at an acidic pH level for optimal development. Adjust the pH together with the preferred amendment in the event the pH rises above six.0.

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