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How you can Revive a Burned Azalea Bush

A gardener's heart sinks to find out the leaves of a gorgeous azalea (Rhododendron spp.) turn brown as if scorched. Easy-care azaleas are normally healthful plants as well as the most likely result in on the burn is either excess sun, extreme drought or over-application of fertilizer. Assuming you planted the azalea inside a shaded location and offered sufficient water, inorganic fertilizers are probably to blame. Established azaleas require tiny or no fertilizer and also the plant's shallow root technique is sensitive to excess salts for example these located in numerous fertilizers. Acting speedily is important to assisting your plant recover.
How you can Revive a Burned Azalea Bush

  • Drench the soil about the azalea with cool, salt-free water to wash out accumulated salts and excess fertilizer that is certainly trapped under the root method. In the event the azalea is actually a container plant, fill the pot for the surface and permit to drain freely. Repeat this numerous instances in 1 day. Continue the practice of leaching on a month-to-month basis throughout the summer time months.
  • Trim off leaves which have been badly burned or scorched. If tops of azalea stems died in the burn, prune them back to clean, wholesome wood, generating cuts at lateral branches. Don't take away slightly singed foliage till the plant finishes flowering in spring; the very best time for you to refresh azalea by pruning is just following flowering and prior to new buds kind in early summer season.
  • Mulch about the azalea to safeguard and cool the burned roots.


Inside the future, use compost and organic mulch rather than fertilizer to feed your azalea. Compost and mulch gradually release required nutrients in to the soil and, for many azaleas, which will prove sufficient fertilizer.

Only fertilize azalea if a soil test indicates that nutrients are very low. In that case, water the plant effectively just before fertilizing. Then apply a light scattering of granular, slow-release fertilizer about the edge on the root zone on the plant. Limit an application to a couple of tablespoons and water effectively.


Usually do not apply fertilizer to azalea which can be currently affected by excess heat or drought. Offer sufficient water towards the plant and wait till temperatures sink to typical levels prior to fertilizing.

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