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Windswept Bonsai style (Fukinagashi)

The windswept style also is really a great instance of trees that need to struggle to survive. The branches at the same time because the trunk develops to a single side as in the event the wind has been blowing the tree consistently in one particular path. The branches develop out on all sides from the trunk but will all sooner or later be bent to a single side.

Windswept Bonsai style (Fukinagashi)

Benefits of Fukinagashi

Are that it offers an extremely all-natural view and 1 that we see really usually in nature. Anyone who has walked a coastal shoreline or possibly a rocky mountain ridge has observed windswept trees; this really is the precise image we're looking to replicate. In the art of bonsai style implied a line is really a crucial tool in producing a piece of artwork that draws the viewer into adverse space, opening the presentation. If we produce windswept bonsai with this concept in thoughts, viewers will believe and think the tree was grown in one hundred mph winds below harsh components. But in reality it has been grown and maintained with intent.

Disadvantages of Fukinagashi

Would be the extremist elements that make it attractive. Any branch bud or leaf that grows within the incorrect path disrupts the concept of an implied line. We've got to keep correct for the notion of harsh unrelenting wind, which sometimes calls for a removal of massive branches. When selecting this style do not be afraid to experiment, the wind is extremely powerful and can expose roots or perhaps knock trees more than, which nevertheless have adequate root program inside the ground to survive.

Any tree species of tree is appropriate for the windswept style.

Ficus sp
Japanese Zelkova (Zelkova serrata)
Brush Cherry (Syzygium paniculatum)
Beech (Fagus sp.)
Crab Apple (Malus sp.)
Pomegranate (Punica granatum)
Olive (Olea sp.)
Japanese White Pine (Pinus parviflora)
Black Pine (Pinus nigra)
Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa)
Juniper (Juniperus sp.)
Spruce (Picea sp.)

List of Bonsai Style

  1. Broom style Bonsai (Hokidachi)
  2. Formal upright Bonsai style (Chokkan)
  3. Informal upright Bonsai style (Moyogi)
  4. Slanting Bonsai style (Shakan)
  5. Cascade Bonsai style (Kengai)
  6. Semi cascade Bonsai style (Han-kengai)
  7. Literati Bonsai style (Bunjingi)
  8. Windswept Bonsai style (Fukinagashi)
  9. Double trunk style Bonsai (Sokan)
  10. Multitrunk Bonsai style (Kabudachi)
  11. Forest Bonsai style (Yose-ue)
  12. Growing on a rock Bonsai style (Seki-joju)
  13. Growing in a rock Bonsai style (Ishisuki)
  14. Raft Bonsai style (Ikadabuki)
  15. Shari Bonsai style (Sharimiki)