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Multitrunk Bonsai style (Kabudachi)

Multitrunk Bonsai style (Kabudachi)
The double trunk style is widespread in nature, but just isn't in fact that widespread within the art of Bonsai.

Normally each trunks will develop out of 1 root technique, nevertheless it can also be achievable that the smaller sized trunk grows out from the bigger trunk just above the ground. The two trunks will differ in each thickness and length, the thicker and much more created trunk grows practically upright, even though the smaller sized trunk will develop out a little slanted. Each trunks will contribute to a single crown of leaves.

In theory the multi trunk style will be the very same because the double trunk style, but with three or a lot more trunks. All trunks develop out of a single root method, and it actually is one particular single tree. All of the trunks type one particular crown of leaves, in which the thickest and most created trunk types the leading.

List of Bonsai Style

  1. Broom style Bonsai (Hokidachi)
  2. Broom style Bonsai (Hokidachi)
  3. Formal upright Bonsai style (Chokkan)
  4. Informal upright Bonsai style (Moyogi)
  5. Slanting Bonsai style (Shakan)
  6. Cascade Bonsai style (Kengai)
  7. Semi cascade Bonsai style (Han-kengai)
  8. Literati Bonsai style (Bunjingi)
  9. Windswept Bonsai style (Fukinagashi)
  10. Double trunk style Bonsai (Sokan)
  11. Multitrunk Bonsai style (Kabudachi)
  12. Forest Bonsai style (Yose-ue)
  13. Growing on a rock Bonsai style (Seki-joju)
  14. Growing in a rock Bonsai style (Ishisuki)
  15. Raft Bonsai style (Ikadabuki)
  16. Shari Bonsai style (Sharimiki)