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Growing in a rock Bonsai style (Ishisuki)

Growing in a rock Bonsai style (Ishisuki)
Within this bonsai style, the roots on the tree are increasing within the cracks and holes in the rock. This implies that there is certainly not considerably area for the roots to create and absorb nutrients. Trees developing in rocks will in no way appear truly healthier, as a result, it must be visible that the tree has to struggle to survive. It really is critical to fertilize and water usually, due to the fact there's not a lot of space offered to shop water and nutrients. The rock in which the Bonsai grows is usually placed inside a shallow pot, which can be often filled with water or fine gravel.

List of Bonsai Style

  1. Broom style Bonsai (Hokidachi)
  2. Formal upright Bonsai style (Chokkan)
  3. Informal upright Bonsai style (Moyogi)
  4. Slanting Bonsai style (Shakan)
  5. Cascade Bonsai style (Kengai)
  6. Semi cascade Bonsai style (Han-kengai)
  7. Literati Bonsai style (Bunjingi)
  8. Windswept Bonsai style (Fukinagashi)
  9. Double trunk style Bonsai (Sokan)
  10. Multitrunk Bonsai style (Kabudachi)
  11. Forest Bonsai style (Yose-ue)
  12. Growing on a rock Bonsai style (Seki-joju)
  13. Growing in a rock Bonsai style (Ishisuki)
  14. Raft Bonsai style (Ikadabuki)
  15. Shari Bonsai style (Sharimiki)