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Fukien Tea Bonsai Yellow Leaves

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The Fukien Tea is virtually trouble free from insects and disease. The only thing you might notice is the color of the leaves turning yellow when the soil gets too much water. For repotting, keep in mind that most Fukien Tea comes from China in clay. Therefore, this causes compacting, meaning the tree would need to be replaced with a basic bonsai soil mix. The key here is to replace the clay with soil gradually, avoiding unwanted stress. We recommend the bonsai be repotted every two years in the spring as you see new growth. Finally, you can use literally any style of the Fukien Tea, regardless of size.

Yellowing leaves is from overwatering, and dry air, winter is never a good time for a fukien tea, test your soil with a chop stick before you water your tree poke the chop stick in the soil down by the roots, keep it there for about 3 to 5 min, pull it out if the stick feels wet do not water, if the stick is dry then water your tree best to test the soil about every 2 to 3 days until you get use to watering your tree, for dry air keep your tree away from heating and air vents, get a tray put some fish tank pebbles on it, add water to the tray put your pot with your tree in it on the pebbles do not let the bottom of the pot touch the water, this will keep your tree from drying out , remember to full your tray with water when watering your tree..

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