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Flowering Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree Care

flowering fukien tea bonsai tree care
The fukien tea bonsai likewise goes by fujian tea and its clinical name of ehretia microphylla. Fukien tea like the heat and bright areas so keeping them as an indoor bonsai tree on a west or east dealing with windowsill can be fairly simple.

The Fukien Tea is a tropical evergreen shrub stemming from southern China. This plant works especially well as a tiny bonsai, however is likewise an excellent houseplant due to the fact that it values warm temperatures in the winter season making it an ideal option for any individual in the city or who does not have the advantages of a lawn.

Flowering fukien tea bonsai tree care

Fragile white blossom flower practically all year and little dark green leaves are glossy with little white dots on the surface areas which are typically incorrect for insect invasions. The trunk has terrific brownish red bark which contrasts magnificently with the dark environment-friendly of its leaves.

Fukien Tea Temperature:

This Bonsai will certainly have to be kept inside all year keeping temperature levels around 50 to 75 degrees.

Fukien Tea Lighting:

The Fukien Tea does not such as direct midday sunshine as it is most likely to dry quickly under those conditions, however will certainly succeed in a bright window. Discover a partly shaded area where it will certainly be safeguarded from burning if you do take it outdoors in the summertime.

Watering Fukien Tea:

The Fukien Tea Bonsai have to be kept reasonably wet and will certainly shrivel quickly or merely stop growing if the root sphere is allowed to dry out entirely. Soaking is a great method to deal with a dry root sphere, however the finest method to water this tree is with a watering can from the top up until there is run off at the bottom.


Fertilize this Bonsai every 2 weeks with a liquid bonsai fertilizer throughout the spring and summertime. Throughout the winter season, if it is in a warmer place, feed every 6 weeks making definitely sure it has actually been watered well prior to feeding to avoid burning the roots.

Fukien Tea Bonsai Pruning/ Training:

You can trim this bonsai throughout the year. The Fukien tea is magnificently matched to an Informal upright design in which the trunk is rounded and ends up being narrower at the top.

Pests/ Pests:

Taking great care of your bonsai's health will certainly go a long method in avoiding conditions and bugs. Yellow leaves, sticky leaves, off color leaves and/or spider internet suggest insect issues.


Take cuttings with clean sharp scissors in between spring and early summer season. Location cuttings in a dubious area to motivate healthy root development.


Every 2 years in the spring. No more than 10 % root cutting.

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