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Ficus Rubiginosa - Port Jackson Ficus, Rusty Ficus, Little Ruby

Ficus rubiginosa , the Port Jackson or Rusty fig , is amongst the ideal Ficus for bonsai. This species is native to Australia and naturally grows to become a big landscape tree.

Beneath bonsai cultivation it really is a vigorous tree that may shape into a beautiful bonsai because it has leaves that minimize well, as well because the capability to create aerial roots.

little ruby fig bonsai

Probably the most confusing elements of F. rubiginosa is identifying them. The plant shows excellent variability in leaf size, leaf color, and bud color. Essentially the most common kind features a red color along with a hairy texture for the underneath on the leaf. Therefore the frequent name Rusty Fig. Other rubiginosa varieties have none on the red below color and hair and are referred to as Ficus rubiginosa ‘Australis’.

Leaves on rubiginosa plants can differ in size and be nearly as massive as F. macrophylla. Rubiginosa is most effortlessly confused with Ficus macrophylla or Ficus obliqua. Macrophylla has leaves which can be somewhat bigger and much more sturdy. A specimen with fruit tends to make the definite identification considerably less difficult.

Just about the most fascinating and beneficial cultivars of rubiginosa is known as ‘Little Ruby’. This plant was found as a distinct searching seedling within a batch of regular rubiginosa. Little Ruby Fig is really a dwarf type and has a lot smaller sized and narrower leaves. It truly is a great addition for the bonsai repertoire.