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Watering Your Ficus Ginseng

ficus tree
Certainly one of the key factors for which Ficus Ginseng trees are best for newbies, is, not just that these trees are especially resistant to illness and pests, but additionally that they're much less delicate in terms of watering.

In sensible terms this implies that, whereas other bonsai trees might not survive if their owner forgets to water them on time, the Ficus Ginseng could make it (it could survive mild drought circumstances, since it shops and soaks up water by means of its roots)… That mentioned, you ought to by no means neglect to water your bonsai tree!

Misting also is quite essential! Ginseng ficus plants respond extremely properly to misting. For greater benefits gardeners ought to mist these trees with water from a spray bottle every single day. Even so, you also require to produce certain that the soil is dry, as these trees develop quite effectively when the soil is never ever permitted to dry out. So water each and every two - three weeks through the spring and summer time (ginseng ficus bonsai trees must be watered far more regularly when it's warm) after which lessen the volume of watering within the autumn and winter months. Don't forget that the misting must take spot daily!

Be cautious, nevertheless. The proper quantity of water is one thing you discover with knowledge, but you'll find also indicators to appear for: bonsai trees which don't get adequate water will commence to turn yellow in colour, whereas an excess of water may cause ginseng ficus roots to rot, so you must uncover the best balance! (as a common rule, use 1/3 of a cup of water, then pour gradually in the base in the bonsai. Ensure that you do not overwater, as well as verify that the water does not keep in the bottom on the glass container ).