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Watering a Chinese Elm Bonsai

Watering a Chinese Elm Bonsai
Watering a bonsai tree is an ability that takes practice and time to discover. Chinese elm (Ulmus parvifolia), likewise called lacebark elm, is a resistant tree thought about to be an excellent species for a novice to grow as a bonsai.

When to Water

The tree needs to not be watered on a set schedule; rather, it must get water just when the top of its soil is dry. Water your Chinese elm in early morning since early morning's cool temperature level offers the tree time to take in the quantity of water it requires prior to the water vaporizes.

Watering Technique

Numerous passes with a sprinkler accessory that does not disrupt the soil must be utilized to water a Chinese elm bonsai if no dry pockets of soil are present. Include water on the very first pass up until it stands on the soil surface area and runs out of the tree pot's drain holes.


If you observe wilted leaves, enhance watering sessions to 2 per day. If the issue is more significant and the tree has fragile leaves, then immerse the potted tree in water up to the pot's rim so that water steps up through the drain holes and soaks the soil.


Overwatering is more challenging to identify since an overwatered tree is harmed more gradually than an underwatered tree. Either watering too commonly or bad soil drain drowns brand-new roots, enabling root rot to start. Dead roots are concealed under the soil, however other proof is noticeable.