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How Often Should I Water My Bonsai?

How Often Should I Water My Bonsai
It is extremely important to regularly water your bonsai. This is mostly due to the fact that the plants are grown in really little pots, with an extremely little root system, in a really percentage of soil, and thus can just have extremely little water reserves.

How regularly you water your bonsai depends on numerous things. You might discover it is an excellent concept to set up a drip sprinkler system - where the bonsai are watered every day in the summer season and every 3 days in the winter season. You can utilize a watering can with a fine increased connected to water the soil and roots or a 'watering wand' which are offered at a lot of hardware shops and when connected to your garden hose let out a really great mist of water - comparable to rain.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, beware not to over-water your bonsai. This is frequently an issue of newbies who wish to take such excellent care of their bonsai that they water them every day - even in winter season - and trigger the roots to rot. This is likewise a huge issue when keeping succulents (like the Jade Tree) as bonsai as, like cacti, they maintain a great deal of water and do need to not be watered so frequently.

It is most likely smart to take the bonsai outside each day, water it, let it drain, and then bring it back within. Numerous novices keep their newly-bought bonsai inside continuously, and then forget to water it for a number of weeks.