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Bonsai Tree That Grows Fruit

Fruits of the window sills and patios can be made with bonsai trees. They are the best choice for people who want a small room to enjoy fresh fruit. Don't let yourself be deluded by its small size, bonsai trees can grow fruit.

bonsai tree that grows fruit

Do bonsai trees produce fruit? Yes, they do.

A bonsai fruit tree is just a full-size tree, cut and trained to keep small. Bonsais perform well with fruit trees that develop smaller fruits, as they don't appear unproportionate.

The constant pruning and limited root growth kept the bonsai tree small. The bonsai tree and full-size version have no genetic distinction. Fruit from a bonsai tree can be smaller than a tree of regular size.

What Are Popular Bonsai Fruit Trees?

Consider the size of the fruit when choosing a bonsai fruit tree. Bonsai trees grow the fruit in the usual size so look for smaller fruits. Large fruit that hangs over a tiny tree looks unproportionate and can harm the limbs. Some of the most common fruit trees are citrus, blackberry, and peach.

Best Fruit Trees for Bonsai

Crab apples

Regular apples are too large for bonsai because their leaves are large and do not respond properly to cuttings. Crab apples are an ideal alternative to regular apples. Crab apples have to thrive in acidic soil and full sunlight.


For a bonsai gardener, citrus trees are a perfect choice because they grow full-size fruits as well as small ones. You can grow them indoors since they are a tropical plant if you give them enough sunlight. During winter, citrus trees must remain indoors, but in summer it is ideal to take them outdoors. One of the most common bonsai citrus species is the Calamondin Orange.


Since they have high heat and dry tolerance, the fig trees are perfect. They are continually rising with pruning. Figs are sometimes called ficus and there are more than 800 species of ficus. The fruit is tiny and can vary from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. The fig tree is a common fruit tree of bonsai.


Berries are a popular type of bonsai fruit tree. You can pick from many berries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, mushrooms, and many more. In spring, berry plants create lovely flowers with white, pink, purple, and green colors. They produce edible fruit from the branch directly.


Olive trees are commonly found in the Mediterranean. The evergreen olives can grow more than 25 feet tall. The olives are not good to eat directly from the tree. They are only edible after they have been watered and kept in brine over time. Bonsai olive trees are doing well because of their small leaves and short internodes.


Pomegranates can grow indoors if there is sufficient exposure to light and watering. The tree produces fruit and flowers in varying colors, shapes, and sizes. The pomegranate tree is native to the Middle East and Southeast Asia, but it is cultivated all over the world today. It's one of the most looked-after bonsai fruit trees.

You have to select a suitable container that is large enough to allow drainage to the roots of your tree. The nutritional needs of each bonsai fruit tree are specific. To retain their smaller size you must constantly prune the roots and form the branches. You should expect a reward for your hard work after years of consistency and love. See also What Is Bonsai?